Prison Law

We provide specialist legal advice in all areas of Prison Law, in particular challenging prison adjudication proceedings, applications for temporary release and security categorisations.

We have advised prisoners in applications for repatriation to Ireland from abroad and have particular expertise in representing life sentenced prisoners. In recent years we have represented life sentenced prisoners before the House of Lords in judicial review challenges relating to the standard of proof required in order to justify the revocation of a life license and before the UK Supreme Court in relation to the requirement for a post tariff life sentenced prisoner to have an oral hearing before the Parole Board when considering release.

We have also represented many political prisoners in relation to applications for release under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, revocations of life licenses and before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg concerning the punishment of prisoners at Maghaberry Prison.

We provide representation before the Parole Commission and the Sentence Review Commission. The Commission is responsible for important decisions in relation to the release of prisoners into the community as well as their recall to custody.