UK Supreme Court Judgment - Statement of Geraldine Finucane

The following statement was read out by Geraldine Finucane outside the Supreme Court after the Judgment was delivered:

“Ladies and Gentlemen…

“This is an historic moment. I stand before you today outside the United Kingdom Supreme Court with one simple message: we have won.

“My family and I have endured three private police investigations, two confidential documentary reviews, secret government negotiations and a long and difficult court case. We have had to overcome obstacles the likes of which no other family has faced. And today, we face the world with one simple message: we have won.

“We have campaigned for thirty years, travelled the globe and argued our case all over the world. With all of that help and support and faith and goodwill we can, finally, stand before all of our friends and deliver one simple message: we have won.

“The Supreme Court has given its Judgment on the actions of the British Government. They have been found wanting. They have been found in breach of the most fundamental obligation of all: to protect and vindicate the right to life. The Court has said that they cannot ignore “a violation of a convention right has taken place…”

“The public inquiry that my family and I have fought for over three decades has culminated in this great victory today. I would like to thank our legal team – Barry Macdonald QC, Fiona Doherty QC, Fearghal Shiels and my great friend, Peter Madden, for their Herculean efforts on our behalf. We would not have succeeded without them.

“I would also like to pay tribute to all the individuals and organisations worldwide who have supported us in our efforts these many years. Our many friends in Ireland, Britain, Europe, America and beyond have sustained us through many a dark hour. There are too many to thank individually, so I thank them all today.

“Our many friends and supporters know, as we know, that this is a step on the way to our goal: the full truth behind the murder of Pat Finucane. The Judgment of this Court is not the end of that journey, but it represents great progress towards our goal.

“The British Government now knows that it cannot conceal the truth any longer. They have now been told this by the highest Court in the land. It is time for the murder of Pat Finucane to be properly and publicly investigated in a public inquiry. Nothing less will suffice.

“Thank you very much.”