Members of the Finucane family will travel to London tomorrow in advance of the release of the report prepared by Sir Desmond De Silva QC.

Geraldine Finucane and her 3 children, Michael, Katherine and John Finucane, together with other family members, the family solicitor, Peter Madden and Jane Winter of British Irish Rights Watch will read the De Silva report in advance of release.

The report is scheduled to be laid before Parliament at 12.30pm on Wednesday, 12th December 2012, at which time it is expected that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, is expected to make a statement on the contents of the report to the House of Commons.

The Finucane family will enter the Norman Shaw building around 0800-0830am on Wednesday to receive and read the report. The Finucane family will be present in the public gallery in the House of Commons to listen to the statement by the Prime Minister.  Mark Durkan MP will take them into the House to listen to the statement to the House.

Afterwards the family will hold a press conference after the statement is made by the Prime Minister and deliver their response.

The venue for this conference is in the Robert Perks Room at Methodist Central Hall.