AN INNOCENT Chinese man has spoken of his three-year nightmare after being wrongly accused of aiding and abetting a ‘million pound madam’.

Fai Chan’s agony ended at Belfast Crown Court last Thursday after he was acquitted of aiding and abetting sex slave prostitution boss Rong Chen.

Mr Justice Stephens directed the jury of nine women and three men to acquit Mr Chan after the prosecution offered no evidence in his case.

The south Belfast man had been one of four people accused of being involved in a multi-million pound prostitution ring in which innocent Chinese girls were lured to Northern Ireland.

Speaking to Sunday Life, Chan, from south Belfast, revealed that he had lost his job and moved to England as a result of publicity surrounding the charges.

And he told how he had innocently been caught up in the sleazy sex-for-sale scandal, due to his good nature.

“I always denied knowledge of these allegations from the word ‘go’.

“No allegations were ever directly made against me by witnesses. It was more of a circumstantial case.

“It all started after I helped somebody in the Chinese community to get a flat. It later turned out that the flat was being used for prostitution.

“I didn’t know that and I never knew anyone called Rong Chen.”

He revealed the devastating effect the case has had upon his life.

“I was respected within the Chinese community here. I grew up in Belfast since I was very young.

“I was a manager in the Water Margin Restaurant in Donegall Pass, but I lost my job because of all the stories in the media. It has been a very tough few years for me.”

Mr Chan, who is married with stepchildren, said that he left Northern Ireland to work for a family business in Newcastle, England, and also take care of his elderly mother.

“I am glad that the nightmare is over and that everyone knows that I am an innocent man,” he said.

“I want to restore my reputation and just get on with my life.”

Sunday Life revealed in August 2010 that Birmingham-based brothel boss Rong Chen forced unsuspecting women into a life of prostitution — earning an estimated £1 million from her Northern Ireland brothel business.

PSNI detective inspector Douglas Grant made the shock revelation back then that the girls were forced to have sex with up to seven clients every day — for a wage of £3.

Last Monday, Chen pleaded guilty to controlling the activities of prostitutes for gain, trafficking people within the UK and entering into an arrangement with one of her co-accused — former Co Down PSNI officer Simon Dempsey.

The ex-cop admitted two charges of aiding and abetting the control of prostitutes for gain in 2008 and 2009 — as did Chen’s husband, Englishman Jason Hinton.

Chen, Dempsey and Hinton were released on continuing bail.