Madden & Finucane Solicitors have today released a press statement on behalf of their client, the businessman Francois De Dietrich, in response to financial allegations made yesterday in the press and media

Mr De Dietrich said:
“I strenuously deny all of these allegations. My businesses are legitimate and as a consequence of the actions of the FSA, various business bank accounts have been frozen. This has resulted in the forced closure of my businesses. The FSA action has left me unable to trade, which led to the loss of many jobs. Despite the FSA action we are committed to working with our customers regarding full return of outstanding monies. The matter is before the Court and will be decided upon in due course.

On behalf of his client Mr. Peter Madden, Madden and Finucane Solicitors said,

“Some press and media reports yesterday said that my client is the subject of an arrest warrant and that he is being sought by the police. This is completely untrue and we are considering possible legal remedies.”