This is a very disappointing but expected statement. The British Government continue to cover up the truth about the death of my husband with their delaying tactics.

We did not ask for the Stevens investigation. We did not ask for Justice Cory to prepare a report and we certainly have never asked for prosecutions. We have always said that these were delaying tactics and the delay continues.
But the campaign for a public inquiry will also continue.

Paul Murphy quoted Justice Cory as saying “… Society must be assured that those who commit a crime will be prosecuted and if found guilty punished…”. However he did not refer to the fact that Justice Cory also said in his report that  “this may be one of the rare situations where a public inquiry will be of greater benefit to a community than prosecutions.”

Justice Cory’s report confirms that there was a State policy of targeting and assassination. The public should read the details in his report. It is unbelievable but the official documents that he examined show that it is all true.

David Trimble made very hurtful and untrue statements today which he should be ashamed of. He must prove what he says. His accusations were designed to signal to a small section of the public that my husband’s murder was justified but David Trimble thinks that the public are naïve and they will believe his unfounded, unproved, and cowardly accusations. He knows that my husband is not here to refute these allegations.  I have heard these lies before. A public inquiry will give him the opportunity to repeat the statements he made today and I look forward to the day when he is forced to publicly retract them.

Justice Cory stated that it was my husband’s role as a solicitor which led to his murder. Trimble’s statement in Parliament today was not only false but it is also something which was contradicted by Justice Cory himself and by the RUC files which he examined.

Justice Cory specifically emphasised the statement of the presiding Coroner at Pat’s Inquest who said:

 ‘The police refute the claim that Mr Finucane was a member of PIRA. He was just another law-abiding citizen going about his professional duties in a professional manner. He was well known both inside and outside the legal profession. He was regarded in police circles as very professional and he discharged his duties with vigour and professionalism.”

As Justice Cory said as a result of the cowardly actions of Pat’s murderers I have been deprived of the love and companionship of a good husband, his children of his care and guidance and Northern Ireland of his courage and skill as a lawyer.

Geraldine Finucane