The family of Pat Finucane has today lodged further court proceedings to force the British Government to set up a public inquiry immediately.

After yesterday’s three-week adjournment on the issue of the publication of the Cory Report, the family has decided to take further action.

The family, who have not been provided with a copy of the Report, learnt at Court yesterday for the first time that the Report has however been furnished to the Ministry of Defence, the Chief Constable and the DPP.

At the Weston Park talks the British Government gave a commitment to hold a public inquiry if Judge Cory recommended one. In his Report dated 7 October 2003 he did recommend such an inquiry although the family only learnt of this recommendation in December from Judge Cory – not the British Government. Since October the government have done absolutely nothing to implement Judge Cory’s recommendation.

Peter Madden, of Madden & Finucane, the family’s solicitor said:

“The British Government continues to delay and obstruct the establishment of the Inquiry. The establishment of the inquiry does not depend upon the publication of the Cory Report. These new proceedings relate to the immediate establishment of the inquiry despite the non-publication of the Cory Report. No matter how many obstructions or delays, the Finucane family is determined to vindicate their legal rights and pursue all legal remedies to achieve their objective.”