Speaking on behalf of the Finucane family Martin Finucane said:

“I am very pleased that the United Nations has publicly expressed itself in such a clear and forthright way. The United Nations has made it abundantly clear to the British government that the appointment of an international judge to examine the murder of Pat Finucane is not the proper mechanism and that it does not have any merit and would result in further delays, expense and public anguish.

“I also welcome Mr. Cumaraswamy’s renewed call, that Pat’s murder must be thoroughly examined by an independent public judicial inquiry.

“The Finucane family wholeheartedly supports the UN Special Rapporteur’s comments and believe the appointment of a judge is not an acceptable alternative to a public inquiry. We have already waited over 13 years to learn the truth about Pat’s murder.

“The current proposal that an international judge be appointed is an unnecessary one and is a device through which the British government will delay further delay the establishment of a public inquiry for as long as possible.”