Michael Madden
Michael MaddenDirector
Michael graduated in Law from Queen’s University Belfast in 2002, was admitted as a Solicitor in 2006, and qualified as a Solicitor-Advocate in 2009.

He previously worked for a respected London criminal firm where he completed his training contract.

Michael is a qualified solicitor-advocate specialising in criminal law. He represents clients throughout each stage of the criminal justice system, from clients under arrest in police stations, through to the Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court, High Court, and the Court of Appeal. He also regularly represents prisoners before the Parole Commissioners of Northern Ireland.

Michael also acts as a solicitor-advocate for clients detained under the Mental Health Order before the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

He has a special interest in Human Rights Law.

Michael has attended the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in New York as part of a human rights campaign team concerning the independence of lawyers, highlighting the murder of Pat Finucane in particular.

Notable cases:

NI Court of Appeal

• R v Alan McLaughlin

First Post Office / Horizon scandal case in Northern Ireland to have convictions overturned in 2022.

• R v James Alexander Smith

First referral in NI from the CCRC regarding joint enterprise for murder cases in 2022.

• DPP Ref (Number 5 of 2019) Harrington Legen Jack

Guideline sentencing case in NI for fraud and theft where the offender is in a position of trust. It also gave guidelines for the appropriate remedy where a court has found there has been a breach of the right to have a criminal hearing within a reasonable time.

• R v Gerard Connors [2011] NICC 35

Successful application to reduce the tariff length of a life sentence for murder.

• EM

Successful application to overturn an extradition order to Germany in 2015.

Other notable cases

• Inga Maria Hauser murder

Represented man arrested for murder but received a “no prosecution” decision from the PPS in 2020.

• PPS v GK

Represented man in the Magistrates’ Court accused of being a “paedophile hunter” who received a non-custodial sentence in 2019.

• R v BM

Represented man in Belfast Crown Court who received a non-custodial sentence in 2016 for offences concerning bomb hoaxes and threats made to various individuals and airports in the USA and other countries.

• PPS v TH

Represented man accused of possessing a large amount of semtex acquitted in 2014.

• R v FC

Represented man accused of “sex slave ring” at Belfast Crown acquitted in 2012.