Press Statement on behalf of the family of William McKinney, murdered on Bloody Sunday, 30 January 1972

Responding to the British Government’s proposals to introduce an amnesty for British army veterans, conditional upon cooperation with any mechanism to be introduced by the British Government, Mickey McKinney, brother of Willie McKinney who was murdered on Bloody Sunday, said:

“The government’s proposals to legislate for a conditional immunity is a shameful affront to any democracy founded on the rule of law.

“Soldier F currently faces prosecution for the murders of my brother Willie and Jim Wray and the attempted murder of several others.

“In total, he is responsible for the deaths of five persons and the wounding of at least six others on that day.

“Within a matter of moments, Soldier F created two widows and orphaned twelve children and destroyed many other lives, yet all he could muster was an eight page statement to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry in which he said he could not recall or could not remember events on Bloody Sunday no less than 80 times.

“Is this the type of conditional co-operation that the British government intends to endorse in order to protect its murderous state killers from prosecution?”