Remembering John Johnston (first photograph) who died on 16 June 1972.

John was shot by two soldiers, Corporal A and Private B of Machine Gun Platoon, Support Company, 1 Para who were positioned inside the Abbey Taxis building on William Street on Bloody Sunday.

Five shots were fired at John and Damien Donaghy (15). John suffered “through and through” gunshot wounds to his right leg and left shoulder and a graze to his right hand. Damien was shot on the right thigh.

John’s brother in law Johnny Duddy was an integral part of the Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign. He is pictured here campaigning in the United States (second photograph) and at Leinster House (third photograph – far left) in the 1990s with other members of the Campaign, for a new Public Inquiry. Johnny died before the full public exoneration of his brother in law on 15 June 2010.