Peter Madden of Madden & Finucane Solicitors said today:

“We represent the families of Jackie Duddy, Michael Kelly, Hugh Gilmour, Kevin McElhinney, Michael McDaid, John Young, Willie McKinney, Gerry McKinney, Gerard Donaghey and John Johnston, and the following persons who were wounded on Bloody Sunday: Damien Donaghy, Patsy McDaid, Joe Mahon Joe Friel, Peggy Deery, Alana Burke, Patsy O’Donnell, Danny McGowan and Patrick Campbell.

“There has been a lot of speculation in the press and media about what happens next following the publication of the Saville Report.

“The position is that the families and wounded will read the report carefully before considering the legal options available to them. We will also be reading the very detailed report and we will be considering the legal options available. This will take weeks. We will then meet and discuss the implications of the report’s conclusions. We will want to make representations to the Public Prosecution Service on behalf of our clients in relation to prosecutions and indeed have written to the Public Prosecution Service and advised that we will be making those representations in due course. There are other legal processes to consider. We will consider these. As in the past, families will attempt to approach the legal options as a unified group, supporting each other in thoughtful debate.

“Finally we pay tribute to all the families and the wounded for their great determination over the long years. They suffered the grief of their loss on Bloody Sunday, the immediate calculated cover up of the British military, political and legal establishment, the pain of the now discredited Widgery Inquiry and the many years of campaign in difficult circumstances. These families, and families like them, are the true human rights defenders and those suffering injustice anywhere should look to them for inspiration. Those suffering injustice anywhere should never give up the fight for truth.”