Cases Overview

Noteworthy cases include:

Pat Finucane Case

We are continuing the campaign for the Pat Finucane public inquiry. more

Bloody Sunday

We are continuing the fight for justice for the families of Bloody Sunday, including pressing the Public Prosecution Service for prosections against soldiers and we are negotiating with the Ministry of Defence for compensation. more

Colombia 3

We represented the ‘Colombia 3’, Niall Connolly, James Monaghan, and Martin McCauley, helping to secure their release from one of the most dangerous jails in the world – Bogota, Colombia.

Extradition / Immigration

New York City 1989 – Irishman held by US Border Agency successfully challenged the deportation.

San Francisco 1996 – Two Irishmen held by US Border Agency successfully challenged their extradition warrents.

International Human Rights

  • Capetown, South Africa in 1995 – as the legal representatives of Relatives for Justice presented a submission to the Cameron Commission on the Arms Trade.
  • Solicitors from Madden & Finucane joined with the Advocate san Frontiers lawyer support mission to the Punjab region in India in 1998 where they supported lawyers representing Sikh victims of State violence.
  • Israel in 2004 to support the families of the twelve Arab citizens of Israel and one Palestinian shot and killed in 2000 by Israeli police.
  • Basque Country – Madden & Finucane have advised on prisoner related issues regarding political prisoners of war in Spanish and French prisons.
  • Historic cases of human rights abuse carried out by the state, including abuse whilst in police custody and unlawful killings.

Denis Donaldson

We represent the Donaldson family and are engaging in an Inquest into Denis’ killing.

Criminal Law

  • Madden & Finucane are involved in many high profile murder cases and appeals in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. See our ‘Latest News’ section for details.
  • The firm represents clients in many high profile drugs cases.
  • We are continuing to successfully challenge terrorism legislation regarding issues such as the arrest of children, seizure of legally privileged documents, and stop and search powers.
  • We are representing community group protesters arrested around Orange parades including at the Ardoyne flashpoint area.

Constitutional/Public Law

Our Public Law Team routinely bring cases to the Supreme Court. Having more than one case brought to the Supreme court is something that only a handful of solicitors have achieved.


  • The firm represented Drew King in an action against Sunday newpapers successfully winning damages.
  • We are engaged in civil action against the Chief Constable of the RUC in relation to the Ballymurphy 7 case. The case is concerning a notorious miscarriage of justice.
  • Madden & Finucane are engaged in many high profile Medical Negligence cases, including patients and a consultant affected by the Major Incident at Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast.
  • We have successfully lobbied Government ministers for local legislation to allow compensation claims for pleural plaques sufferers.