Press Statement for Immediate Release

Michael Halleron of Madden & Finucane, Solicitor for David O’Loughlin said:

“We act on behalf of David O’Loughlin whose murder conviction was again quashed today for the second time by the Court of Appeal in Dublin.

“Mr O’Loughlin was convicted at re-trial on 28th January 2019 and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Liam Manley on 12th May 2013 at Garden City Apartments, Cork.

“After extensive submissions made on behalf of Mr O’Loughlin, the Court of Appeal concluded today that the Learned Trial Judge ought to have acceded to the Defence’s application at trial that there was an absence of evidence regarding the mental element for the offence murder.

“On that basis, the conviction was rendered unsafe by the Court of Appeal and they substituted the murder conviction to the offence of manslaughter.

“The matter has now been remitted back to the Central Criminal Court for Mr O’Loughlin to be sentenced for the offence of manslaughter.”