Francis Bradley (20)

35 years ago today – on 18 February 1986 – Francis Bradley (20) was shot dead by the SAS in south Derry.

A pathologist’s report showed that the first shot Francis sustained was fired from behind and struck him whilst he was in a kneeling position; that he received 8 gunshot wounds in all and that the 3 fatal rounds were fired into his umbilicus whilst he lay face upwards on his back, from a distance of approximately 10 feet.

In 1987 the RUC Chief Constable unlawfully withheld important documents from the Coroner and on that basis in 2007 the High Court quashed the verdict returned by the original inquest.

In July 2010 the Attorney General for NI granted an application by Francis’ father Edward, now aged 83, for a new inquest into Francis’ death. More than 10 years later, it has yet to be held.