Charges in relation to Armed Snowman Painting Dismissed

Ciaran Shiels of Madden & Finucane said at court:

“Today at Derry District Judges Court our client, Joseph Barr, member of Saoradh, contested
two charges brought by the Public Prosecution Service and the PSNI.

“These charges were in relation to an armed snowman image with the logo ‘Wishing You an
Explosive Christmas’ painted at Saoradh offices between 23/10/2017 and 28/10/2017. It was
alleged he intended to cause a breach of the peace and he displayed a painting of an indecent
or an obscene nature contrary to the Indecent Advertisements Act 1889.

“This was in relation to a painting that was removed after being on display for 5 days.

“Submissions were made that the prosecution was entirely misconceived and that neither
charge was made out at the conclusion of the prosecution case. Accordingly, there was no
case for the defendants to answer.

“We can confirm that the learned District Judge, Barney McElholm, accepted defence
submissions and added that there is currently ‘no effective legislation’ to deal with displays
of this nature. The Judge found both defendants not guilty in relation to both charges.”