Press Statement on behalf of our client Jonathan Heaphy

We act on behalf of Jonathan Heaphy who has an ongoing Judicial Review being heard before Mr. Justice Binchy in the High Court, Dublin.

The case will go into its second day of hearing today.

Jonathan Heaphy is currently serving a seven year sentence in Cork Prison for financial offences. He suffers from incurable brain cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy whilst in custody.

Applications for his release based on health and health related humanitarian grounds were made to the Irish Prison Service and refused.

Michael Halleron solicitor of Madden & Finucane Belfast, representing Jonathan Heaphy said:

“Due to the extremely serious and deteriorating nature of Mr. Heaphy’s medical condition, we issued Judicial Review proceedings against the Governor of Cork Prison, the Irish Prison Service, the Minister for Justice and the Attorney General of Ireland.

“It came to light during the course of these proceedings that the decisions made to refuse Jonathan Heaphy’s release were made by the Governor when such decisions lie with the Minister for Justice.”