Statement on behalf of Matthew Johnston

Michael Madden of Madden & Finucane Solicitors

Matthew Johnston was arrested for attempted murder of police officers at Edenderry fuel station, Crumlin Road on Sunday 22nd January 2017. Police suspect a gunman opened fire with an automatic firearm aimed towards police. One officer sustained at least two bullets to his arm. Mr Johnston was released unconditionally today.

Michael Madden solicitor-advocate, of Madden & Finucane, states on behalf of Mr Johnston:

“Mr Johnston was detained for nearly 48 hours without a shred of evidence being put to him in what appears to be an example of cynical policing. Indeed very few questions were asked of Mr Johnston throughout his detention. Mr Johnston is considering his legal options available for scrutinising the lawfulness of his arrest and subsequent detention.

“Mr Johnston should never have been arrested and I am concerned about the intense media reporting yesterday of a man who was not subject to any public court proceedings and who in all likelihood will now lose his employment and have his personal safety jeopardised despite having been released without charge.”