Pearse Jordan

Pearse Jordan

Sargent “A” taking stand – the person who killed Pearse Jordan.

Around 20 relatives supporting Jordan family on this difficult day.

Sgt A was 42 when he killed Pearse Jordan. He had joined the RUC in 1974. He was in HMSU and in charge of the ‘op’ – he was directed by TCG.

He believed that Munitions were in the car and he believed mortar bombs including primed bombs and weapons.

He kept no log of his HMSU op on the ground at all even though this would have been standard procedure and he was in charge.

He told the driver (he was front seat passenger) to drive alongside Pearse Jordan’s car. He claims he indicated for Pearse Jordan to stop and then he told his driver to ‘get him off the road’ “nudge him off”.

Sergeant A claims he exited his car and saw Pearse running across the road to far side.

He claims he shouted ‘halt police or police halt’ on details he is very sketchy and not sure (saying it was over 20 yrs ago) – he claims Pearse Jordan turned to look at him, he claims he ‘spun round’.
He ‘opened fire’ on Pearse Jordan – “I pointed my MP5 flicked the trigger and fired” – no other officers in previous evidence said they heard a warning.

Pearse Jordan’s parents are sitting facing A as he describes how he killed their unarmed son – claims to munitions, bombs and guns being in the car – despite this he orders his driver to ram the car – even though this could have been “hazardous ” as counsel for coroner puts to him – he claims not and that explosives aren’t that dangerous in such circumstances – he exits his car and kills Pearse Jordan. Pearse Jordan is unarmed and there is no bomb or munitions in the car.

The weapon is shown to the judge and counsel – this concerns the switch re the settings for single shot and automatic – ironically this excuse in terms of state killings it could be argued is well worn – as A says the switch on his own personal mp5 was well worn given it continual use on the firing range!

Hence people being killed with multiple shots.

So Pearse Jordan was unarmed – there was no bomb in the car or guns in the car- he exited the car, likely dazed from the impact of the armoured ruc car ramming him- he likely staggers onto the road – A exits with his mp5 – flicks his switch to what he thought was single shot – though it’s fully automatic and he claims he gave a warning that no one else can support – and he shoots Pearse Jordan.

Counsel for the family – can we agree that when you shot Pearse Jordan that you made a terrible mistake – he replies No.

Barry McDonald for the Jordan family:

“I put it to you that you got it wrong – he was unarmed – you’re highly trained to distinguish between actual threats and real threats.”

“Extensive training between potentially real situ and not – you trained fire arms officers in specialist units and described yourself as the most effective anti terrorist officer in Europe.”

“In reality Pearse Jordan did nothing more than face you with his arms by his side – what he did was to comply with what you claimed to have instructed him to do – he stopped.”

“You fired immediately didn’t you, you never gave him a chance – you got out of your car saw him and shot him as soon as you were able to do so.”