Daniel McColgan

Daniel McColgan

Fearghal Shiels of Madden & Finucane, Solicitors said:

“Over the course of the last number of months, we have learned that the sorting office at Rathcoole where Daniel worked had been the subject of armed attacks by loyalist gunmen on Catholic employees on two previous occasions. Security cameras, covering the area in question and designed to protect staff, although operational were not switched on to record events on the morning of the murder despite the concerns of staff and prior agreement with a Union official to do so.

“It has further been established that one of the weapons used to murder Daniel had been ‘stolen’ from a member of the security forces, and the senior police officer who investigated Daniel’s murder could not discount the possibility that the second murder weapon, a Browning pistol, may have been imported into Northern Ireland by UDA man and British military intelligence agent Brian Nelson.

“The PSNI abjectly failed to secure the detention of a person with confirmed paramilitary links and who professed to have information pertaining to the murder, and this person was found dead within hours of his release from custody. Forensic evidence has been inexplicably lost.

“In addition and quite disturbingly a Special Branch Officer who was tasked to provide information to the PSNI murder investigation is himself presently the subject of possible criminal proceedings for the most serious criminal offences, allegedly connected to his handling of loyalist paramilitary agents in the north Belfast area.

“These revelations have profoundly shocked the McColgan family, who will now study the evidence given throughout the inquest with their legal representatives before considering their next step.”