Michael Madden of Madden & Finucane is in protracted discussions with Spanish, British and Irish authorities and consular officials to ensure that the precise circumstances of Alan Drennan Junior’s untimely death are clearly established.

There have been conflicting reports surrounding the circumstances of Alan’s death in the media in recent days, however the full post-mortem report has not yet been completed and the exact cause of death is unlikely to be established for a number of months due to the timescale for the availability of the toxicology report. At present the family have more questions than answers and request their privacy to be respected until the full facts are clearly established.

Alan’s friends have raised a serious allegation that he was assaulted by Spanish police officers prior to his death causing injuries to his head and upper body which were clearly visible to his friends upon his release from police detention at the airport. We are assisting the family in trying to establish the truth of all possible contributory factors which led to Alan’s death.

We are in contact with Spanish and British authorities including the British Consulate in Ibiza and the PSNI who are assisting the family. We are also in close contact with the Irish State Pathologist.

Alan Drennan Senior states:

“What has happened to Alan and our family is every parent’s worst nightmare and we want to find answers not just for us but for everyone else’s child who goes abroad on holiday and particularly to Ibiza.”