Letter to An Taoiseach today (Thursday 30th October 2014) on behalf of Padraic Wilson, Seamus Finucane, Briege Wright and Maura McCrory.

An Taoiseach
Department of the Taoiseach
Government Buildings
Upper Merrion Street
Dublin 2

A Chara,

I wrote to you on the 24th October with regard to my clients Padraic Wilson, Seamus Finucane, Briege Wright and Maura McCrory to inform you that I had advised them against any meeting given your highly prejudicial statements and ongoing legal processes.

I note that you, or a spokesperson for your office, contacted the media on Wednesday 29th October with regard to a proposed meeting. Both the comments attributed to you and media reporting are again highly prejudicial and inaccurate.

Given your approach to this matter, my clients have today confirmed that they see no point in meeting, at this stage, with you given your rush to judgement and your setting aside of the court finding and legal processes.

On my advice they are declining to meet with you.

Is mise le meas,

Peter Madden
Madden & Finucane