We represented James McVeigh when he was recently arrested and questioned in connection with the murder of George Gray.

James’ family are devastated by his death on Tuesday and they want us to point out that James denied involvement in Mr Gray’s murder.

The family are currently going through a distressful grieving period, which has been compounded by the circumstances of James’ death in police custody.

They had not seen him during the three days he was held in detention. He was a vulnerable young man and had been under doctor’s care for a number of years. His mother and father also cared for him on a daily basis and he was much loved and will be missed by them.

The Police Ombudsman’s office is currently investigating the circumstances of the death and we are in contact with them in relation to their inquiry. The investigation is at an early stage and we will be in receipt of their findings in due course. The Senior Investigating Officer has told us that the Coroner has advised that James died of natural causes.

Peter Madden, the family’s solicitor, said, “The McVeigh family are trying to cope with James’ sudden death and the circumstances of his arrest and detention in Musgrave Street PSNI station. It is important to note that James denied involvement in the murder at all the police interviews. He told police what he knew and this was being investigated at the time of his death”.

The family have asked for time and space and privacy at this time.”