A 29 year-old student has been charged under the Terrorism Act over a dissident republican Easter rally.

Father of one, Frank Quigley of Elmwood Road is alleged to have arranged or managed or assisted in the arranging and managing of a meeting in support of the IRA.

He is also charged with aiding and abetting in the wearing of clothing by a colour party to arouse a reasonable suspicion the wearers were members or supporters of the IRA.

The investigating officer told Derry Magistrates Court on Tuesday that Quigley is identified by video evidence as being in the back of a van that took the colour party to the City Cemetery during the rally on April 25.

Quigley, a part time civil engineering student at the University ofUlster, is alleged to have assisted the colour party with their clothing and flags after they exited the vehicle.

The defendant is also charged with starting the generator which was used to power the microphone of a member of the RIRA who made a speech threatening members of the PSNI ‘or anyone perceived as traitors by the IRA’.

During interview the defendant denied being a member of the IRA, the RIRA or Oglaigh na hEireann, but admitted to being a member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement.

In a three page written statement to given to police he said he was asked by another member of the 32 CSM to assist with the colour party.

However, he said he believed the colour party would be made up of members of the 32CSM and did not know they would be masked.

He also denied knowledge of the content of the speech made at the rally.

Defence solicitor Ciaran Shiels said Quigley was the carer for his 13 year old sister, who is disabled.

He added that Marian Price and Marvin Canning who had been charged in relation to the rally had been granted bail.

District Judge Barney McElholm commented: “I was very impressed by Mr Canning the other day who expressed his opposition to the sentiments expressed in the speech, has Mr Quigley?

“No,” replied the investigating officer.

Quigley was released on his own bail of £1,000 and a surety of £2,000 to reside at his home address.

He was ordered to observe a curfew of 8am to 8pm which will be extended to midnight when he is looking after his sister at her home.

The defendant was further ordered not to attend or address any meetings organised by the 32CSM or any other republican group.

He will appear before the court again on July 7.