One of the men charged with murdering journalist Martin O’Hagan has secured a High Court ban on press disclosure of his current whereabouts.

Drew King was granted an interim injunction after his lawyers revealed he has been notified of a death threat against him.

The temporary order, made against the Sunday World, restrains the newspaper from publishing any information on his living arrangements while out on bail.

It also prohibits any reporting on separate issues surrounding the suspect’s family circumstances.

King, 41, is one of three men charged with murdering Mr O’Hagan following a re-investigation centred on a statement provided to police by a man identified only as Witness A.

The victim, an investigative reporter with the Sunday World, was gunned down near his home in Lurgan, Co Armagh in September 2001.

His killers opened fire as he walked home with his wife from a night out at their local pub.

Lawyers for King went to the High Court to seek an interim injunction against the newspaper last month. However, details of their successful application can only now be disclosed.

With a long-term ban still being sought, the case is due for a further review in front of Mr Justice Gillen next month.

King’s lawyer, Jack Quigley of Madden and Finucane Solicitors, told how the legal move was triggered by legislation guarding his client’s right to life and privacy.

He said: “We sought the interim injunction in order for Mr King to be afforded protection under Articles 2, 3 and 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

“Mr King is innocent until proven guilty and the courts have properly afforded him the protection that he is legitimately entitled to.”