It was revealed at Belfast Coroner’s Court today that MI5 will play a key role in deciding whether or not anonymity will be granted to 14 police officers to give evidence at the Inquest into the death of Patrick Pearse Jordan in April 2008.

The Jordan family have criticised the applications for anonymity at the Inquest which has been delayed on several occasions. In May 2001, in an application by Mr Jordan’s father to the European Court of Human Rights, the Court ruled that there had been a breach of Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Fearghal Shiels of Madden & Finucane, Solicitors said today:

“The Jordan family are disappointed that in the current political climate, seventeen police and military witnesses will seek anonymity when giving their evidence to the Inquest. Those witnesses, like all other witnesses at the Inquest, should be required to give their evidence openly and transparently in court under their own names.”