I have asked my Solicitor to issue this statement on my behalf following the recent comments of Lord Laird.

I have lived for 30 years in Cullyhanna and am widely known locally.

I have had no involvement in the death of Paul Quinn.

I am not and have never been a member of the IRA. I have never been arrested or charged with this or any similar offences.

I totally refute the comments of John Laird that I am “a local IRA Chief”.

I have had no role whatsoever in the death of Paul Quinn. I am aware that Graffiti has been painted locally and PSNI informed me that there may be a threat to my life from unknown persons. The PSNI have been contacted about attacks on my home and are investigating those matters. I am aware that a number of people have also been named locally as involved in the death of Paul Quinn. I have no involvement with these people.

I can say that there has been no dispute, row or altercation of any kind between my son and Paul Quinn. My son works away from home during the week and returns home only at the weekends.

As far as the rest of the comments are concerned I have nothing to hide. I think the murder of Paul Quinn was a horrific crime and those responsible need to be brought to justice. I condemn those who seek to make political points out of this tragic death.

I challenge John Laird to state his lies publicly and subject them to challenge through the courts.