SUSPENDED DUP assembly member Paul Berry has won a High Court injunction to stop a party disciplinary hearing going ahead.

The Newry and Armagh representative was suspended from the DUP last July after newspaper allegations about his private life.

His lawyers claimed Monday’s proposed hearing would be unfair and contrary to natural justice because he would not be allowed full legal representation.

In a statement issued last night, his lawyers said the DUP had refused requests to adjourn a hearing until they had a number of basic questions answered by the party.

The DUP can contest the interim injunction at a full hearing later.

At the High Court yesterday, Mr Justice Weir ordered that the party postpone disciplinary proceedings until they comply with the rules of their own party and with the rules of natural justice.

In addition, the party was ordered to clarify the breach of discipline or practice alleged against Mr Berry, set out the evidence against him, confirm that he will be allowed to refute the allegations and clarify details of the panel itself

After the court hearing, Mr Berry said he had commenced legal proceedings reluctantly.

“All I want to do is to ensure that the hearing I receive is fair, legal and comes to a just outcome,” he said.

“Acting on my behalf, my lawyers asked for answers to some basic questions to be provided by the party. Madden & Finucane also asked for confirmation that they will be able to properly represent me in the disciplinary process, in accordance with the rules of natural justice.

“To date, these issues have not been addressed in a satisfactory manner.”

In July, a DUP disciplinary panel suspended Mr Berry after an article in the Sunday World said he had met a male masseur at a Belfast hotel.

The masseur claimed a sexual encounter had taken place which Mr Berry denied.