In the wake of the Cory Report, Canadian Members of Parliament from all political parties are pressing the British government to launch an immediate inquiry into the murder of Patrick Finucane. Twelve M.P.s have signed a petition calling for an immediate inquiry. The signatories include the Parliamentary leader of the Bloc Quebecois Gilles Duceppe M.P. and his foreign affairs critic Francine Lalonde M.P. The New Democratic Foreign Affairs critic Alexa McDonagh M.P. signed the petition and, along with her party colleague Joe Comartin M.P., has written to Prime Minister Blair calling for an immediate independent international inquiry to “help remove this barrier on the road to Peace”.

The other signatories of the petition are Liberals Pat O’Brien M.P. (Chairperson of the Ireland Canada Parliamentary Friendship Group), Marlene Jennings M.P. and Colleen Beaumier M.P.; Conservatives Jason Kenny M.P. and James Rajotte M.P.; New Democrats Pat Martin M.P. and Svend Robinson M.P.; and Bloc Quebecois member Pierre Paquette M.P.

In a separate development, the New Democratic Parliamentary leader Bill Blaikie M.P. has written to the British High Commissioner in Canada calling for an immediate inquiry. Blaikie wrote how the “ignoring” of Cory’s recommendation creates “an unnecessary impediment to the peace process”.

Former Canadian Solicitor General and human rights advocate Warren Allmand, a long time supporter of the peace process, has also spoken out on the case explaining how “Any public prosecution should not be allowed to delay
in any way the setting up of an independent inquiry into the killing of Patrick Finucane. It is only through such an inquiry that the full truth surrounding his killing shall become known”.