The Finucane family will meet John Stevens at Belfast Hilton Hotel on Monday 23rd February to express concerns about his ongoing investigation into the murder of Pat Finucane.

Speaking before the meeting Geraldine Finucane said, “My family will meet Commissioner Stevens today to tell him that we do not want this investigation and that the prosecution of individuals is not our priority. We want the truth. The families have no input into a police investigation.
It is carried out in secret. The family will have no input into any future trials.

We could not accept any conclusions or recommendations from a secret process. We want to challenge any official state version of the surrounding circumstances of my husband’s murder. We want the opportunity to examine in public all relevant material and for our legal representatives to cross-examine all relevant witnesses. We want to determine who was involved and at what level.

We expect the British Government to implement Judge Cory’s recommendation forthwith. Any delay as a result of this continued investigation could only be interpreted as a dishonest attempt to prevent the establishment of the public inquiry to which we are entitled”.