A PROMINENT Fianna Fail member will fly out to Colombia this morning to meet the three suspected IRA men accused of training FARC rebels amid growing controversy over an investigation into the case by US Congress. Former Republic minister for foreign affairs David Andrews will travel with Caitriona Ruane, spokeswoman for the Bring Them Home campaign, for a series of meetings. During the week-long trip the pair will hold talks with the minister for justice, the director of prisons and the attorney general. They will also visit Niall Connolly, Martin McCauley and James Monaghan, who are currently being held in the high security La Picota prison in Bogota. The trio were arrested in Bogota last August on suspicion of training FARC rebels and travelling on false passports. Campaigners are currently resisting alleged moves to have the men transferred to another jail a considerable distance away from the Colombian capital, which has raised concerns about further access to the prisoners. It also emerged last night that Madden and Finucane Solicitors wrote to US congressman William Delahunt expressing concern that planned hearings in Congress on the controversy could prejudice the men’s defence. In his letter to the congressman, Peter Madden said:“We would point out to you that our clients have been subjected to considerable press speculation, most of it inaccurate about their presence in Colombia. “They are entitled to a defence at any future trial. They are entitled to put forward evidence in their defence to rebut allegations that they were involved in unlawful activity in Colombia. “Their defence would be seriously prejudiced by an material examined in public by a House committee, whilst a legal process into those very matters is pending in Colombia.” Last night Caitriona Ruane said she expected to learn of the three men’s fate by the middle of next month. According to Ms Ruane Colombian prosecutors have completed their investigation and are currently considering whether to charge the men. Ms Ruane also rejected newspaper reports claiming CIA satellites monitored a number of explosions in the FARC region which led to the arrest of the trio. “If there is proof why has is not been given to the Colombian prosecutors? Our lawyers have not got it as part of the case,” she said. Ms Ruane added that there were fresh fears for the safety of the men. “The concerns about their safety has tripled. There is a war in Colombia and that is very worrying.”