THE inquest into the death of Pearse Jordan, an unarmed IRA man shot dead by police nine years ago, is expected to start today after a series of delays. The inquest, scheduled to take place at Belfast Magistrates Court, was postponed because of expected changes to the legislation governing inquests. Mr Jordan (21) from New Barnsley Drive, west Belfast, was shot dead on the Falls Road by undercover police on November 25, 1992. The inquest into his death was delayed pending the outcome of a European court case involving the killing of Mr Jordan. Last May the European Court of Human rights ordered the British government to pay £10,000 to each of the families of 12 men – including 10 IRA members – shot dead in controversial circumstances between 1982 and 1992. The Strasbourg court ruled that the men’s human rights were violated as a result of flawed inquest procedures following their deaths. Their cases also included allegations of an RUC shoot-to-kill policy. The adjournment of Mr Jordan’s inquest by the coroner for greater Belfast John Leckey, was criticised by a high court judge following a judicial review brought by Madden and Finucane the solicitors of Mr Jordan’s parents. Mr Justice Kerr said it was wrong for Mr Leckey to postpone a preliminary inquest into the death of Mr Jordan. “I can quite understand why the coroner felt it (the preliminary hearing) should have been adjourned and I may have reached the same decision. But I don’t see that the decision was inevitable,” said Mr Justice Kerr at the time. In a recent interview Mr Jordan’s father Hugh welcomed the outcome of the judicial review. “We certainly welcomed this decision and we have learned to take things one step at a time,” he said. “We have no trust in the British legal system, but we will have to see what happens. There are so many questions needing answers over my son’s killing and we will fight on to get these answers.”