THE RESULTS of forensic tests carried out on three Irish republicans when they were first arrested in Columbia have yet to be made available to their defence team, it has emerged. Caitriona Ruane, organiser for the ‘Bring Them Home’ campaign, said Irish solicitor Peter Madden had recently written to the Colombian authorities seeking the case papers in English. She said the campaign had now secured the services of Colombian defence lawyers, who had previously worked on behalf of Irish aid agencies in Latin America. “I’m going to be the campaign organiser for the Colombian three,” she said. “It wasn’t my intention to get involved but I had worked in Latin America for three and a half years from 1983.” She stressed she could not make any comment on the legal case against the men. “Because the system in Colombia is very different from here, new evidence can be presented to the men at any time. “There’s a lot of speculation and I’m not going to add further to that speculation. “We have not even seen the papers of the case. Until we see papers, we’re not going to know any specifics. I’m in daily contact with the lawyers in Colombia. We haven’t got the men’s interrogation papers, we haven’t got the RUC testimony after they’ve been over there and we haven’t got the forensic tests. “There’s some dispute about the number of forensic tests. The only reports we have about any of these are reports that were leaked to the media. “I can tell you what the media are saying but it’s not what I’m saying. “Any human rights person I have ever known will tell you the first thing you do is get the papers for the case. “I haven’t see the papers, Peter Madden hasn’t seen the papers and the Colombian lawyers, to date, haven’t seen the papers.” The men have now been allowed access to books and music tapes – including some by folk singer Christy Moore who recently played a concert for the men.